Skin Types

Skin Types

Skin Types

There are as many different skin types as there are individuals and personalities. Some people have a tendency to dry, sensitive skin, while others have an oily shine or suffer from troublesome skin complaints. To help the skin and boost its natural functions you need concentrated skincare, specifically formulated for your skin type and condition.

For more information about the different skin types, their specific needs and recommended La mer products for healthy, radiant skin, simply select a skin type from the adjoining list.

Normal Skin

Normal skin has fine pores, good circulation and is soft and smooth.

Combination skin

Combination skin has both dry and oily patches.

Oily skin

Oily skin has large pores, an oily sheen and is prone to blemishes and breakouts.

Dry skin

A large proportion of the population has dry skin.

Dry skin in need of lipids

As we grow older, our skin changes.

Mature skin / Anti Aging

The structure and appearance of our skin changes the older we get.


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Blemish-prone skin and acne

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Pigmentation spots

Highly concentrated active ingredients to combat pigmentation spots...

Sensitive skin

EN: La mer MED sorgt für eine intensive Feuchtigkeitszufuhr und eine langanhaltende Speicherung der Feuchtigkeit.

Men's skin

Male skin has more layers of stratum corneum and is approx. 15-20% thicker than female skin.


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