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OUR SOLUTION FOR SCARS…                                                            
Scars are caused by injuries or operations and they come in many different shapes and sizes. Ultimately, all scars consist of hardened tissue and they can frequently be itchy and reddened. Facial and body scars are often considered unsightly. Scars change over time and they require careful treatment. Here are some tips for treating... find out more


  • Start treating the scar as soon as the wound has healed. 
  • Regular, gently massaging with a special skin care cream or oil makes the new tissue more elastic, helps to prevent redness and itchiness and decreases the likelihood of raised scars occurring. 
  • Skin tissue heals best if it is exposed to fresh air. 
  • Exposure to the sun and extreme temperatures should be avoided. 
  • Tight clothing can irritate the scar tissue. 
  • Scars on joints and bones must be protected against pressure (e.g., during sports). 

To help treat scars La mer recommends using MED Scar Reduction Fluid. The combination of the active ingredients MCC3, tiger grass extract and panthenol alleviates itchiness and redness, and helps to soothe and restructure the skin.

Additionally, La mer recommends using SUN LSF 50, a special sun protection cream for sensitive scar tissue. To conceal redness, La mer offers MED Derma Foundation, a creamy foundation in several shades specially formulated for sensitive skin.

All MED products are:

  • Dermatologist-tested 
  • Free of preservatives 
  • Contain no fragrance or artificial colorants 
  • Free of paraffin, silicone and PEG (polyethylene glycol)
  1. Med Gentle Cleansing Gel 100 ml

    Med Gentle Cleansing Gel 100 ml

    Without perfume
    A gentle, foaming cleaning gel containing Marine Care Complex MCC³ with moisturising sea silt extract, algae extracts and sea salt. Contains mild cleansing agents to prevent dehydration and protect the skin’s pH balance. Gently cleanses sensitive, dry combination skin. more
  2. Med S.O.S. Repair Cream 50 ml

    Med S.O.S. Repair Cream 50 ml

    Without perfume
    Many different external factors can irritate the skin, resulting in soreness, itchiness, redness or allergic reactions. Our S.O.S. Repair Cream soothes irritated skin and boosts its natural defences. Inflammation is soothed and alleviated, the skin’s natural ability to regenerate and restructure is stimulated, and the healing processes is accelerated. To restore the skin’s... more
  3. Med S.O.S. Acute Spray 50 ml

    Med S.O.S. Acute Spray 50 ml

    Without perfume
    Immediate relief for irritated and sore skin. Soothes and instantly alleviates skin reactions and promotes healing. This handy spray is ideal for first, no-touch treatment, as the skin is not additionally irritated by rubbing. • Accelerates skin healing • For grazes • Soothes redness, itchiness and burning • To soothe allergic reactions • Ideal after sunbathing... more