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Effectiveness, gentleness and flexibility - these are the main benefits we want skin care products to deliver. La mer has combined all of these in the Flexible range. Individually combinable with all La mer skin care ranges, Flexible products round off your skin care regime for daily care from head to toe.

To make it easier for you to find the right skincare for your skin type and needs, our products are divided into several simple categories, each with a full range of products perfectly suited to the needs of a specific skin type:

  • Flexible Cleansing
  • Flexible Specials
  • Flexible Body & Bath

The active complex Sea Minerals™ - a key ingredient in all Flexible products:
The active complex Sea Minerals™ contains Sea Silt Extract, sea salt or selected algae extracts to nourish the skin perfectly with moisture, essential minerals and trace elements. The skin’s natural functions are activated – for beautifully soft, healthy skin.


Good skincare begins with the proper cleansing regime. Even if you use little or no make-up you should always clean your skin meticulously every day. The skin is our body’s largest organ, and it is constantly exposed to impurities, dirt and bacteria. To maintain the skin’s balance, and also to ensure that all the moisturizing products you use can unfold their maximum benefit, it is essential that you remove all traces or dirt and impurities from your skin daily. La mer offers a wide range of different cleansing products to gently yet thoroughly purify all skin types. Our patented Sea Silt Extract provides extra moisture, protecting your skin from dehydration. The delicate natural balance of the skin is maintained and it is optimally prepared to receive the benefits of moisturizers.


Sensitive, fragile areas of your face require special care products. Sometimes eyes are tired and itchy, sometimes sensitive skin feels unpleasantly taut. La mer has developed a range of highly effective, soothing special care products to help restore your skin’s natural beauty. This range of specialized products with exclusive Sea Silt extract provides a boost of moisture when your skin needs it most. Encapsulated in liposomes, our valuable patented sea silt extract is carried to the deeper layers of the skin where it unfolds its true efficacy. Masks are pure pleasure, relaxation and a supreme burst of moisture and care all rolled up into one product. The application of a mask opens up the skin’s pores, allowing it to absorb all the beneficial ingredients. You can admire the results after only a few minutes: your skin will be restored to its natural radiant softness.

Body & Bath

Our skin is permanently exposed to environmental influences. It protects us against injury, regulates our body temperature and allows us to feel heat, cold or pain. But often we neglect our skin: everyday stress or laziness make us ignore our body’s needs. This is why it is all the more important that we take the time for daily body care rituals which not only boost our well-being, but also prevent our skin from becoming dry and rough. For this reason, a daily skin care regime should include cleansing as well as moisturisation after cleansing to supply our skin with sufficient moisture. La mer’s body care products, with nourishing sea silt extract, offer the ideal care for all skin types and leave skin feeling soft and supple.