Skin’s Specific Needs

Skin’s Specific Needs

Over the course of the day, your skin is exposed to many different internal and external influences. With the aid of the right skincare products you can help your skin regenerate and can strengthen its natural defence mechanisms. Cleansing, facial moisturizing, body care and sun protection – La mer offers rich, effective ingredients which are specially formulated to provide effective, targeted care.

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Good skincare begins with the proper cleansing regime.

Facial skin care

Day in and day out, the skin of our face is directly exposed to a harsh environment, countless aggressive pollutants and impurities.

Eye care

The skin around the eyes is thin and very delicate, and it requires special, gentle care.


Masks are pure pleasure, relaxation and a supreme burst of moisture and care all rolled up into one product.

Special care

Sensitive, fragile areas of your face require special care products.

Body & Bath

The skin of the body has nine times fewer sebaceous glands than facial skin, which means that its protective barrier is much thinner.

Sun care

La mer has developed premium sun protection products which offer a maximum safety especially for sun-sensitive skins.

Men´s care

Male skin has more layers of stratum corneum and is approx. 15-20% thicker than female skin.

Body Spray

A breath of sea air on your skin...